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Who we are

We are an organization, an experience, an opportunity for a full social life. Based in New Hampshire, Women Meeting Women provides social, sports, educational, support, networking, and informational opportunities for lesbians in the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts areas.

When Women Meeting Women began in November 1993, its focus was to provide a social organization for lesbians and bisexual and transgendered women, as well as people identifying as women - both singles and couples - in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. We certainly have succeeded!

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Our mission & the future

We aim to be recognized as a key resource in the lesbian community through visibility, and as a contributing member to both our own and the larger community. We continually strive to represent ourselves in a positive and affirming way. Our effectiveness will be measured through a noticeable lessening of prejudice and homophobia, and an increase in the mainstream community’s acceptance and celebration of all of its members. Our success will be evident in the pride and confidence of our members as they experience an increase in self worth, a greater comfort with their identity and their place in the community, and an increased desire to be actively involved.

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